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The Business Technology Department believes that mastering business and personal finance concepts and developing an appreciation and understanding of new technologies are fundamental prerequisites for life in the "Information Age”. In this ever-changing informational age, students will be able to use their business and personal finance skills for personal use, college, the working world and beyond.

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To develop the necessary analytical tools for addressing and applying business and personal finance concepts to personal, business, real-world and hypothetical situations

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To develop the students capacities for problem solving and critical thinking in all areas of business and personal finance.

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To encourage an awareness of the nature and scope of a wide variety of business and personal finance related careers open to students.


To foster technological knowledge necessary for advanced study by students who are likely to a profession in the area of business and personal finance.

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To provide a laboratory setting that will promote and encourage students to explore, to discover and experiment.

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To develop teamwork concepts and strategies which better prepare students for business and personal finance activities in the work environment.


To develop a sense of pride and contribution in the educational setting.