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Welcome to my links page! Here, you will find links that I have found helpful for each of my classes. These classes include Chemistry, Anatomy/Physiology, American History, Pre Calculus/Trigonomtry, Microeconomics, and English. These links help me accel in my academics and expand my knowledge in each of these subjects. Also links on these page include websites that I feel to be interesting to me in the subjects of cooking and cross stitch.

Periodic Table of Elements This website gives a better insight and detail of each of the elements on the Peroidic Table of Elements.
Chemistry Help A very resourceful website that has lecture notes, charts and diagrams to understand any aspect of chemistry.
Science Netlinks: Science Updates An easy and interesting way to view new updates in the Science world regarding discoveries and such.
Science NetLinks: Splitting the Atom The information in this link gives a more in depth look about the atom and it's properties.
Department of Energy The Department of Energy supplies information about the energy system in your area.
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Many science lovers view this website to view and discuss the many ways chemisty is applied to our lives.
Science NetLinks: Isotopes of Pennies A helpful website that discusses the topic of isotopes using the example of pennies.
Anatomy and Physiology
The Anatomy & Physiology Website A great website that contains information on each chapter of Adalai E. Stevenson High Schools Anatomy and Physiology curriculum.
Conrad Weiser Anatomy and Physiology Want an easily accessible way to browse through the topics of Human Anatomy and Physiology? Click to your left.
NMAH | Artificial Anatomy | Body Parts An interactive way to learn all parts of the body and quiz yourself on your knowledge of physiology.
NMAH | Artificial Anatomy | History A web page that discusses the history of Anatomy and Physiology.
GetBodySmart Educate yourself on the different systems of the body with this website.
The Anatomy & Physiology Place A way to find more information on the course of Anatomy and Physiology with the selection of online textbooks.
NMAH | Artificial Anatomy | Resources List of resources available to use to further expand your knowledge on the subject of Anatomy and Physiology.
US History II
US History This website has a list of topics discussed in American History classes.
PBS: Public Broadcasting Service A great resource to use when looking up detailed information to use in debates.
Lesson Plans History American Government This website gives good resources you can use to further your knowledge on US History through primary sources.
On the Water - Inland Waterways A timeline of what was occuring on the Inland Waterways.
Was There an Industrial Revolution? An article debating whether or not the Industrial Revolution was a success or not.
Allan Pinkerton Article about the famous Allan Pinkerton.
Top Six Precalculus Resources This web page will provide you a list of links that
Precalculus Twenty six topics in the Pre Calc subject area that you can expand your knowledge on.
Precalculus Problems and Solutions Practice problems for any topic regarding Pre Calc so you can be fully prepared for tests and quizzes.
Illuminations: Trigonometry for Solving Problems Want to practice your trig skills? This site will give you practice problems so you can prepare for your asessments.
Khan Academy Personally this is my favorite website to visit when I struggle in my Pre Calc class.
Illuminations: Determining Functions Using Regression This website expands the topic of functions and regressions helping me accel in this subject area.
AP Microeconomics
Microeconomics, Sixth Edition The sixth edition book of Microeconomics that gives detailed information on each chapter.
Microeconomics General resources to use to obtain information on the subject of Microeconomics.
AP Microeconomics Course College board link that explains the course of Microeconomics and the exam to all high school students.
AP Microeconomics Fifteen detailed chapters of an amazing Microeconomics textbook.
National Standards in Economics The National Standards for high schools taking the course AP Micro.
Economic Glossary | EconEdLink Economic glossary to all commonly used and applied Economic words.
Approved Web Links | EconEdLink This website gives an insight on Econ's approved web links to other helpful websites.
Web Page Design
Useful Photoshop Tips And Tricks For Photo Retouching - Smashing Magazine A magazine article that gives an insight on cool tricks and tips to enhance your photoshop abilities.
Web Page Design I An outline of the projects I will complete by the end of the school year in my fun and amazing Web Design class.
Gmail: Email from Google The link to Gmail! This helps me when I do certain projects in my Web Design course.
Mr. Brown's Web Design This website displays Mr. Brown's Web Design Course at the high school he teaches.
Photoshop Tutorials
A helpful site that gives you tricks to improve your photoshop skills.
Purdue OWL Purdue OWL is a well respected website used to educate all writers how to format their different works of writing.
English Grammar Expand your usage of grammar with this website.
Dictionary It is what it is. Enhance your writing works with rich vocabulary to lure in your reader.
Word Roots and Prefixes Helpful website that gives you a wide variety of latin and greek roots and prefixes. Resourceful to study for SAT's.
Shmoop: Homework Help, Teacher Resources, Test Prep A great website to help you uncover the deeper meaning of a wide variety of novels.
Bringing Grammar to Life Having trouble with grammar? Use this interactive method to enhance your knowledge on grammar.
Cross Stitch
Cross Stitch Patterns A great source to find many cross stitch desgins.
Cross Stitch Patterns to Print Online Free designs you can print out.
Absolutely Free Cross Stitch Pattern More design patterns to browse through.
Learn How To Cross Stitch Want to learn how to cross stitch? Visit this site to learn how to do it in five minutes!
Free cross stitch patterns
Free Cross Stitch patterns that you can use.
Food Network This popular website is a great place to check out new recipes
All Recipes A way to browse through hundreds of recipes for almost anything!
10 Best Cooking Websites Want more great cooking websites? Click on this link to get more information.
Epicurious Epicurious is the site to browse for people who love to eat.
Cooking Light Want to find healthy recipes that will help you reduce your calorie intake? Click to the link on your left!
High School Websites
Regis High School The website of Regis High School.
Franklin High School A link to Franklin High School's homepage.
Troy High School Troy High School's homepage in which you can find more information about the school and analyze the page's design.
Monta Vista High School Monta Vista's High School Website.
Esperanza High School The creative and unique web page of Esperanza High School.
Foothill High School Foothill High School's website.
Los Angeles High School Explore the fabulous high school of LA.
Lincoln Park High School High School of Lincoln Park's home page.
Morristown High School Morristown High School's fabulous website.
Brockton High School Brockton High School's Webite. Creative web page design on each page.